Australia Leads the world in curing hepatitis C as record numbers treated.

Australia is on track to eliminate hepatitis C in ten years if record numbers of people living with the virus continue to seek and receive breakthrough antiviral treatment, according to a new analysis released on World Hepatitis Day.

Data from the Kirby Institute at UNSW Australia reveals that since new generation hepatitis C cures were made available on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Schemes five months ago, 22,470 Australians have already commenced treatment – a massive increase on the 2,000-3,000 people with hepatitis C treated annually prior to the listing.

Make a NOhep pledge - there's no excuse.

There’s NO EXCUSE for the 1.4 million  people who die each year from a disease that can either be completely prevented in the case of hepatitis B or cured for hepatitis C. There’s NO EXCUSE that 95% of people living with the cancer-causing disease are unaware. There’s NO EXCUSE for stigma and discrimination, which affects the lives of millions. There’s NO Excuse: Viral hepatitis can be eliminated.

The NOhep:NOEXCUSE pledge campaign is a year-round advocacy and awareness-raising activity calling on all people to stop making excuses and pledge simple actions to help eliminate viral hepatitis.  Click on the images below to make your pledge today.

Uptake of new hepatitis C treatment.

The Kirby Institute is releasing regular reports on the number of people initiating treatment for hepatitis C, using the new generation medicines.  The new generation medicines became available on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) from 1 March this year. The reports show the estimated number of people commencing the new medicines generation medicines to treat and cure hepatitis C. The reports are available for download here or you can view the latest report by using the button below.


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