Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C in Australia - Summary Statistics

This information sheet provides the key statistical information that is publicly available in Australia. It looks at the number of people living in Australia with chronic hepatitis B or hepatitis C infection, the number diagnosed and the morbidity associated with viral hepatitis in Australia. (updated 23/7/2018)


Benefits and Costs of Hepatitis C Treatments in Australia

Media reports of the cost of new hepatitis C treatments in Australia have largely been low on facts and in some cases big on stigma. This attached information sheet has been developed by Hepatitis Australia to correct stigmatising misconceptions of the actual cost of the new hepatitis C medicines to the Australian Government and to promote a better understanding of the benefits. We encourage you to download a copy and find out the facts.


Click on the table above to download a PDF version.

Click on the table above to download a PDF version.

Page updated: 03 March 2017