Our new website coming this week

We have been busy preparing our new website to replace this existing site. The new site has a fresher look, is easier to use and offers new levels of accessibility. The information has been simplified and it’s easier to find the help you want.


As well as providing useful information for the community we have introduced a new section called ‘Share Your Story’. The new section highlights personal stories of people living with hepatitis as well as stories from people who have cured hepatitis C. We will also be encouraging others to submit their stories to share with others. Personal stories offer important insights into the journey of living with a chronic condition like hepatitis. Understanding the challenges and triumphs people experience helps to challenge and demystify some of the myths, stigmas and the discrimination that occurs but also inspires others to take action and in some situations lead to someone being cured of hepatitis C.

We have also revised sections for people working with people affected by hepatitis B and C. This has been divided up into the community based workforce and professionals, such as clinicians researchers etc.

The new site will be live in a couple of days. As the site will still be located at hepatitisaustralia.com you will need to refresh you browser or clear the cache if the site does not initially display correctly.