If you are concerned that you have Hep C ask your doctor for a test.

Your doctor will need to order blood tests. The first one is a hep C antibody test and will tell if you have ever been exposed to the hep C virus. If your hep C antibody test is positive your doctor will order a second test called a PCR test. The PCR test will tell if the hep C virus is still present in your blood.

If the blood tests confirm that you have hep C, don’t despair; there are now safe and very effective medications that can cure hep C.

Having a list of questions can help you make the most of your time with your doctor. Below is a list of questions we have prepared to help you talk to your doctor about getting cured of hep C.

·         How do you tell if hep C has damaged my liver?

·         What treatments are available to cure my hep C?

·         How long will I need to be on treatment?

·         Are there any side effects I need to be aware of?

·         Are there any medications or supplements that I should avoid while I am on treatment?

·         Is it safe for me to drink alcohol while I am on treatment?

·         Are there any other medical conditions that could affect my hep C treatment?

·         How often do I need to see you while I am on treatment?

·         How will you know if I have been cured of hep C?

You can download and print a copy to take with you to the doctor.

General practitioners can access information on hepatitis C treatments at


For more information on hepatitis C contact the National Hepatitis Info Line on 1800 437 222.


Page Update 03 July 2018